Tuesday, June 15, 2010


Here's a little something to inspire a summer page or two.
I loved the curvy lines. It made me think of sun, waves, and wheels....all the fun stuff of summer.
I'd love to see what you create with the layout.
Post a comment with a link to your layout, and show us your creative side!
Until next time,

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Our cropping adventures!

Ever think about going to scrapbook crops and the little things that drive you crazy once you get there?
Well, here is a link to a discussion on a U.S message board about just that.
It made me laugh. I don't personally know any of these people, and maybe that's why it was funny. Anyway, the site is another great scrapbook resource, but this thread was entertaining.



Dads rock!

June 20th is NOT far away! It's Father's Day!

Here is an awesome idea on the Martha Stewart site.
(Gotta love a gal that can do hard time and bounce back to scrapbook!)

How cute are these, even though my hubby is not often found in a suit and tie LOL.
Now go check out all the great things this superwoman has to offer! WOW!


Well, folks, Spring has arrived indeed. We are all trying to spend that quality time in the yard, etc, and do not have the same commitment to our hobby. I have discovered that there is one part of this hobby I AM committed to, and it is burying me alive in the Scrap Trap (New name for my scrapbook room).

I am committed to the BUYING!!!!

I am a dedicated Cricut shopper, Creative memories Shopper, CTMH Shopper, Stampin Up Shopper, Ebay shopper, Michaels Shopper....you get the hint....
the problem is, I don't think I've completed a real project in weeks!!!!

The upside is, when I'm done in the yard....I'm gonna have a lotta fun in the Trap!!!!

Happy shopping, I MEAN GARDENING!!!