Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Tough to Scrap?

Every once in a while we come across photos or events that are hard to scrapbook into an album.

Sometimes, it's a life event, like when someone you loves kicks the crap out of a life threatening disease, and gets to walk a Victory Lap at the Relay.

You just don't know where to start without telling the whole story, and often, that is more than the heart can bear, so you put the photo back in the box, until the next time you revisit the concept.

Other times, perhaps it is a joyous event, and we fouled up the picture taking, or didn't take our camera at all. Where is a layout with a PHOTO?!?!?

(Yes, I know, spare me the comments.)

Painful memories? Trying times are some of the most important times to get into our albums. They remind the future that we came, we saw, we fell under attack, and we rose above. It will give them the hope they need. If you can't put the story out in front, write a letter and hide it in your layout. Or simply point form the LO with the 5 w's, and let it go, until you are ready to go further.

No photos? Don't be afraid to Google, or go Photo-free? Whether you have a paper bag (shopping), a program, your tickets, a map, a wristband, make it the Photo of your layout! It would be sad to leave out such a wonderful moment from your precious album just because you didn't hang onto your camera, and chose to jump up and down in the crowd instead :) BUT PLEASE NOTE: Always consider the acidic components of these items, and make sure you don't leave it too long...ideas tend to fade without a photo to reflect on :)


And see you around!

P.S. Love you, Sis. You make me so proud!