Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Don't just shine...SPARKLE! A story of heart, soul and sponsorship.

Another thank you goes out to Cindy Nielson, South Hill Designs Representative.

During the course of our event preparation craziness, we misplaced a beautiful donation.
The donation was that of an exclusive South Hill Designs locket, filled with charms and treasures of all things scrapbook-worthy.

In the attempt to mend the error, we offered to pay Mrs. Neilson to replace the locket, she so generously donated. She would have no such thing.

"My concern", she stated, "was that it was meant to raise funds." For Cindy, it was not about the money. That is what makes our sponsors so awesome!! They really are what makes our event so phenomenal!

Immediately following the weekend long event, we scoured the storage area where all of our donations had been housed, and lo and behold, there was the treasured gift!!

We were elated to be able to host a successful follow up auction to all our attendees!!
And so happy to be able to share the beauty of Cindy's product via social media.

Check out her online shopping opportunity. Shipping is super fast! My own collection is growing quite nicely....


Artist ID#180147

Until next time,


Kits, Kits & Kits!

This wonderful company shared their support to our event this year. Monica Longard was nice enough to familiarize us with their name.
As I browsed their site, all I could think of is...."One of EVERYTHING please!"


Go check this out and watch the brief video on the front page. This is one of the most amazing kit organizations I have seen. (And I'm always checking out a good kit company!)

Enjoy! Let's show them love!


Go All Night...The Aftermath...

Wow! It was a fantastically exhauasting weekend!
As always, a success!

We raised $9952 towards our two community groups.

It's always so awesome to see how excited everyone gets for this event!

We have a tentative date set for the 8th Annual Event, February 27, 28 and March 1, 2015.

Stay tuned to watch our list of sponsors for this year grow on the right hand side of the page.

All the best,