Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Hail, Hail! The Gang's All Here!

Well, almost, I think we are short one person in this group photo taken at the Go All Night event held last month! What a great lookin' bunch!

(Photo credit: Lacey Reid - High Level Echo)

Till next time! Keep Scrappin'


Thursday, March 17, 2011

Upcoming Crop!

Woot! There is a great crop coming up in the "north" country! Put this one on your Mother's Day wishlist! Make THIS weekend, YOUR National Scrap Weekend! Treat yourself!
Tanya promises it will be worth it!

In Grande Prairie, AB: (May)
This amazing lady was a fantastic contributor to our Go All Night event! Hope to see you up here next year, Tanya!

I hear talk about one in Peace River, AB: (April)
I will post more info as I recieve it!

You can also check out a great site for planning almost a year or so in advance! Watch for our annual notice there...

Have a great day!


Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Scrapper's Block?

A friend of mine told me today that she didn't have the "get up" and scrap feeling lately. That she hadn't done much for projects at home, or even worked on organizing her new scraproom!

If that isn't a cry for help, I don't know what is?!?!?

Here is a fun post to help kick start some ideas. Always remember: you can scrapbook anything! Good times and bad, with pictures or without...this craft is a great outlet to release our frustrations as well as our highlights.

Here are 50 greatplaces to start to chip away at the "block"!

As for the scraproom...
  • Take it out! If the chaos of the room is overwhelming, take one part of it out of the room to organize. Try one drawer. Take just the ribbon. Break down the task. Do it while you watch T.V., if your family does that sort of thing (wink)
  • Start at one side of the room and work across.
  • Get a Big garbage bag, and a Salvage box. That room will have items that should just go in the bag, and others that can be donated, given away or sold. Let them go, and make room for the stash you will actually use.
  • Always keep one table/spot clear to scrap. The interest of organizing can dwindle if there is no room to practice the craft in between.
  • Always keep a crop bag packed in case the opportunity to attend a crop arises. It's not fun to miss out because you are unable to find the tools you really need amongst the mess.

Good Luck! Enjoy!

Friday, March 11, 2011

Sweeten up your space!

Here is one of the companies that showed their support on our Auction table! (The ladies LOVED the scissors, Shaylenne!) Check them out!


Wall Sugar Co. is an Alberta-based business. They bring you unique, creative wall and craft decor that allows your personal touch! To place an order or ask questions, email them at wallsugarcompany@gmail.com or call (780) 298-9106.
Find them on Facebook!
They blog at:
They even accept paypal!
They have great promotions, including...
20% OFF Monogram letters until March 15th, 2011!! This is only valid through direct purchase! Sorry, no wholesale discounts will apply to this order.
Love it!
Chat soon,

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Our Sponsors

Please take a moment to review the list of Sponsors we had for our recent Go All Night event. The list is shown at the lower right hand side. These are the people that make our cropping world turn.

I hope I haven't missed anyone. If you are on the list, and would like us to feature your website, or information, please drop me a line at bbsmith@telusplanet.net .

We are always looking for great stuff to spruce up the blog!

Take care, chat soon!

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Drumroll please....

Just a quick note to announce the total of our proceeds from our march 2011 crop...
We made a whopping $9009!!!
That means each of the 3 girls groups will receive $3003! We are so proud of ourselves, and thankful to all our contributors!
We could not have done it without you.
Stay tuned as we reflect on the event,and maintain the blog as a cropper's area of interest into next year!
All the best, keep croppin'

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

What an amazing weekend!

We are all still reeling from the events that took place at our 4th Annual Go All Night Scrapbook Fundraiser! We gave away some fabulous products including:

The Cricut Create
Tassimo Coffee Maker
The Teresa Collins Stampmaker
Flip-Pal scanner
and some Tutto Luggage!

It was a whirlwind of excitement and we could not have done it without all of you that attended or contributed!
Watch our thank you list on the right hand side, as we collect and update our list of this years sponsors.

A few things that you can bank on for next year....
  1. the same great price for this all inclusive weekend!
  2. the All Night expereince guaranteed!
  3. a similar time of year, pending the availability of our venue.

A note that I would like to share....I apologize to those that signed up for hair services and treatments, that did not recieve them. Not really sure what the story was on that one. Hope you managed to use that time for some serious scrappin' while you were here!

To every person that put their family or life on hold to make this happen, or join us from near AND FAR....thank you! It warms my heart to know that we exceeded our expectations in fundraising, and made some little girls very very happy.

Here's to a smooth weekend, and we can't wait to see you all again next year! Bring your friends !