Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Seasonal Scrapbooking

So often, we are busy trying to "catch up" in the scrapbook world, that we forget to just pause and reflect. Seasonal projects are a great way to do just that. When I talk about seasonal projects, I don't just mean Christmas and birthdays. For example, this month marks a time to remember.

Try and take time for a project of remembrance.
  • Make a card to drop off at the local Veterans' Club.

  • Post a LO on your blog devoted to the color red.

  • Think of the sacrifice made by those who gave all they had, what little it may have been, and design a LO.
  • Make a LO of family members who have served, or may be serving today.

  • Create a LO for the definition of Remember, without any photos.

The definition of "Remember": to retain in the memory, keep in mind, remain aware of.

After all, those of us that enjoy an art of expression like scrapbooking should always be thankful for those who fought for our right to enjoy it. :)

Happy November to all!

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