Monday, February 14, 2011

10 days to go!

It's all rolling in now...
We are surrounded by gift certificates, page kits, gift baskets, and products fresh from the line! We have products made in local homes to the coast of California to Okotoks Alberta to Utah USA!

The prizes are great,the location is optimal, and the food is being planned as we pack our bags for this amazing crop! Wow!

At the root of all this is a thankful group of young ladies. They start at the age of 5, and go to the age of 11. They are young, ambitious, and impressionable. A few of the leaders are lucky enough to guide them each week. I am truly excited to show them that an entire scrapbook community cares enough to give,and that this is a skill that can last them a lifetime, in knowing that adults care about them and their program!

Thanks for the support, whether it be in showing up, or just staying informed through the blog!

Till next time, get packin'

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