Monday, May 2, 2011

Sisters For Life - All Day Crop!

Last year, as the date approached for the Canadian Cancer Relay for life, in Whitecourt, AB, my sister was invited to participate on the "Survivor Lap". She had taken up a battle with cervical cancer and was overwhelmed by the closeness and connections she made through this event.

She decided that the Relay would be her mission in the next year (2011), and that she would enter a Team. (Now, at this point, you need to know that although we are a family of 8 children, we are spread out over 15 years within our family, and have lived in different parts of Alberta and British Columbia for many of those years. During my time, I have ventured into many strange hobbies, projects, and travels and my Sister has always jumped on board, no matter how goofy the adventure might be. She has given me a place to rest my head, and even the much needed proverbial kick in the A**. This makes the next part more understandable to some, although I rarely feel that I need to explain myself on most days.)

It was at this point, Team Fighting Down Under was born. It was to represent the fight inside of each of us, and the battle that she had won. There is multiple members, but they include myself, my 2 sisters, and my mom of 75 years of age!!

I have learned a few things about this relay...

  • It's mostly at night

  • It's a ....RELAY, which may involve me out myself?!?!!

  • It connects people that have a common goal: to beat this disease we call CANCER!

  • Our team needs to raise a minimum of $3000 to enter the Relay.

I would like to exceed the goal, however, we have to start somewhere. Since her decision to build this team, my Sister has found out that her battle is not over. The cancer has returned in another form and her fight with this disease has once again become our fight.

When you have the feeling that there is nothing you can do to help and make a difference, you can only do what you know...and this is my way of doing what I can, from where I am....This was the moment when Sisters For Life was born....

On Saturday, May 28th, we will host an All-Day Crop in High Level, at the High Level Learning Store. The fee is $30 per person, payable by May 23rd. We will provide some thank you gifts, lunch and a place to work on your projects! There will be random door prizes, 50/50 and raffles to help support the cause. Please email me at or call me at 780-841-7712 for more info.

All proceeds will be going to support the Team. Donations are welcome, and appreciated. Join us as scrapbookers, as Sisters coming together to fight this wicked disease, that we know can or has affected so many of our friends and families.

Till Next Time,

P.S: Please feel free to learn more, or make your donations online here:


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