Monday, February 27, 2012

Ask me About SRW! (Parody-humour)

Ask me About SRW?

·       Are you exhausted?

·       Are the muscles in your butt sore?

·       Do you constantly pause and think to yourself: “What was she thinking when she said that out loud?”

·       Are you walking up to strangers and requesting pieces of their dishes, tools, food, clothing, etc.?

·       Are you plagued with random fits of any of the following?

o   Giggling to yourself ?

o   The need to sort through “your stash”?

o   A sense of entitlement to the best chairs, tables, or items in the house (often blurting out “I better win that!”) simply because you arrived at the said location?

o   Wanting to wander over to your neighbors yards, just to “see what they are workin’ on”?

o   Urges to drink caffeinated products at 11 p.m.?

o   Referring to the drapes, or family pet as “textile”, “flat”, or even whether or not it might be “good on a page”?

o   Feeling separation anxiety from strangers in groups of 4-6?

o   The need to tell your most private matters to the new neighbors?

o   The need to walk around and spend “your budget” on vegetables you will never eat because your friend bought them, or outfits you will never wear because they “have this cool gadget on the side”?

You may be suffering from Scrapbook Retreat Withdrawal (SRW). SRW is a very serious condition that may affect women from the very young, to the very old, that have been crafting outside of their homes and regular circles. Women feeling the symptoms of SRW should contact their local GO ALL NIGHT Crop Coordinator to find out more about their options.

Women suffering from Just Got Back (JGB) may want to wait before signing up for help. SRW, in conjunction with JGB, may cause greater difficulties in other lifestyle areas such as home relationships, finances, and in extreme cases, the depletion of scrapbooking supplies. Always discuss any options with your local supplier before proceeding in case they are needed to provide stash intervention.


Let us intervene….


March 2-4, 2012 – Spirit of the North School – High Level

Always imitated, never duplicated.

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