Monday, January 28, 2013

W Squared

When we have a vendor that shows us support, with permission, we like to do a little feature on them when we can.
When one of our co-ordinators, Gaye Carpenter, stumbled across this hot little number, I couldn't help but jump on board. I couldn't wait to ask Wendy all about "W Squared Scrapbooking"... here is what she shared:

Shiny Objects

"W2 Scrapbooking was created in need – I needed to have all the stuff readily available!  Being in Northeastern Alberta there really was never much of an option for product.   In 1998 – W2 Scrapbooking opened in the basement of my home, taking up a small corner of our storage room (oh, how times have changed).  In 2007, W2 Scrapbooking went high tech – online!  Everything about the site is kept simple to keep prices down – which makes us all happy!  Since I don’t have the large overhead of a brick and mortar store and I work hard to always get the best deal possible I am able to pass it on to you and therefore have very competitive prices.

W2 Scrapbooking has loads of different products and not always ‘all’ of a product (line) as this is my way of forcing you to think 'outside the package'.  There are so many products available it is easy to be overwhelmed and scared off.  Really there is no need to be – use what you have and don’t be afraid to mix and match.  Color is color and pattern is pattern – don’t be afraid to mix it up, layer it up, color it up.  Show your own creativity – remember, there is no wrong way to scrapbook.

If you have a few spare hours, head over to the site ( and enjoy the nearly 5000 items available!  With Winter 2013 CHA over, new product will start arriving weekly (sometimes even daily).  So be sure to check the site often! If you have any questions on about the site or a product, please be sure to send me an email.  If there are items you would like me to bring in, all you have to do is ask and I will see what I can do for you.

Then be sure to check out the blog (  You might ask – why Shiny Objects?  Well first off the spelling mistake was my error, not to mention that the actual name Shiny Objects was already taken…bummer right?!  I was determined to have the blog called this as I am always getting sidetracked by all those shiny objects on the internet. Have you ever seen that Disney Pixar movie UP, well I would have to say I am the equivalent to the dog Dug – ‘squirrel’!  I know most of you can relate - I am probably one of the few that admits to it.

I look forward to seeing you around….."
Wendy is contributing some great door prizes to our upcoming event. At the Go All Night Fundraiser, we guarantee that every registrant goes home with a door prize!
Can't beat that!

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