Thursday, October 16, 2014


I'd just like to pause for a moment to send our Congratulations out to Monica Longard, one of our coordinators for finding a position on the design team for The Inked Stamper! What an achievement!

The Inked Stamper has been a solid supporter of the Go All Night Event for the past years, so its great to see Dawn welcome Monica to the team.

That being said, it was only two and a half years ago when Monica donned her first scrapbook scissors and apron, and joined us at Go All Night! This is proof that not every attendee is a scrapbooking veteran, but a willingness to try, and a love of the craft go a long way!

Congrats again Monica! We look forward to seeing what you create!


1 comment:

  1. We are so happy to have Monica on the team, and in turn, I'm grateful that she found me via your event! So happy to help out a good cause!
    Dawn aka The Inked Stamper