Sunday, March 28, 2010

Online connections, no memberships required!

Connect online to some of these great scrapbook resources.

an amazing homegrown company that builds storage units like you have never seen anywhere else. Check out there desktop paper storage....WOW!

Home based in Grande Prairie, keeping the art affordable, with great selection!

Right out of the north country, this Scrapbook Boutique hails from Fort McMurray, Ab.
A huge selection of products, and a all the knowledge to match; make sure to check out what's going on in Ft. Mac.

i found this treasure when I was hunting for scrapbook kits that could be delivered to my door! WOW! The value is more than the cost, and they are up to date with beautiful idea sheets included! Whether you are looking for a one shot deal, or ready to commit long term, this site has it ready to ship! Based out of B.C for quick delivery!

Heading east to Ontario, this hot spot is worth a surf! This is a great site with so many good things happening all the time! Great new products at reasonable prices. We have a group of local folks that found success with their order andvtimely delivery!

Enjoy, and happy shopping!

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